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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fire Update - Tuesday Evening

The mandatory evacuation order was lifted today in our neighborhood.  Still very smokey there and firefighters are lighting back fires to sustain the advance and get a greater containment.  Got reports from neighbors who have returned that there is a lot of ash in the air and on the ground.  The inside of their homes smell of smoke.  Power was restored today also.  Now to clean out all that spoiled food in refrigerators and freezers.  Some rain is predicted for Thursday afternoon which will be a tremendous help for the firefighters and clear the air some for returning homeowners.  We were extremely fortunate only due to the relentless efforts of the firefighters.  Now I feel even sadder for those who lost everything, some family members and friends.


  1. So sad to hear this news, John. Hoping your biggest problem is cleaning out spoiled food.

  2. The firefighters are heroes, no doubt. Not a job I would like to do. I appreciate everything they have done to keep these fires under control and to save property and people.


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