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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Three Boulders

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

I could see what looked like three boulders perched on top of a large rock.
I hiked over there one day and as I got closer, that is exactly what it was.

How on earth did this come to be?

Beans resting after chasing lizards.  
There are a lot of lizards around here and they are really very fast.
She only has caught one mainly because it didn't have a nearby bush to escape into.
It was released unharmed.


  1. Sometimes it seems that the natural world only exists to puzzle people like you and me.

  2. The hunting instinct is always there, here the hunt on butterflies has opened.

  3. I think it was aliens who put the boulders up there.
    It looks like Beans has got used to being on a leash.


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