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Monday, February 26, 2018

Ajo, Arizona

It was good to be moving again after a few months of being in the same area.
A rest stop along the way to our destination to let Beans out for a walk.

Be careful out there Beans.

We went to the same area just outside of Ajo to camp. 
 I was here last year but it is all new to Beans.
Ajo is about 100 miles southwest from Phoenix, Arizona.
The view out the door.

This is the area where there is a lot of illegal immigrant activity from Mexico 78 miles to the south.
I went out for a hike where last year I found a lot of cast off items from the Mexicans passing through but this year there was hardly anything to be found.  Where I knew stuff to be it was all cleaned up.

Organ Pipe National Monument is 15 miles to the south and is filled with this cactus unique to the area.  I was surprised to discover this one lone plant here.  How did it get here?  
I think a bird pooped a seed a long time ago.

We were in the Mojave Desert but are now in the Sonoran Desert which in my opinion is much nicer and has a larger variety of plant life that the Mojave just does not have.
These little guys are one of them.

They belong to a family of cacti known as fishhook.  Notice the little curl to the tip of the spine.
There are much larger varieties that have big thick curved spines just like a fishhook.
For reference these are the size of a golf ball.


  1. What an interesting landscape. I have never been that far south but I was in Phoenix last year and travelled north as far as Jerome. The cactus are so fascinating, so many shapes and varieties.

  2. Looking forward to some interesting pics from the new location!


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