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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another Desert Grave

Beans and I found another one of those graves.  It is either the final resting place of someone's beloved pet who died while out here on vacation, or it is a fake grave.  I'm calling fake on this one as there was no marker with a name or date.  After all, wouldn't you leave some identifying piece of information?  I think someone with a lot of time to kill (and there is a lot of that out here in the desert) just made a project of creating a grave near camp only this person got carried away with it.
Beans thinks otherwise and is connecting with the spirit of the deceased cat or dog. 


  1. Sounds like the title of a song. Another desert grave. Nice and sad.

  2. It seems a lot of trouble to go to just to mislead somebody's cat.

  3. I like your expression, "Beans is connecting with the spirit":)

  4. Definitely a dog. I am getting the vibes.

  5. It's very large for a cat or a dog so I'm with you. I think Beans is just being inquisitive.


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