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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bird Nest

High up in a mesquite tree was this clump of twigs.

A peek inside confirmed it was an abandoned bird nest.

Other parts of the country continue to be too cold to consider moving on so here we sit and wait...
all the while cooking and eating more cornbread.


  1. The cornbread looks wonderful - practise makes perfect, I suppose.

  2. That nest doesn't look very comfortable, a bit spiky and twiggy. On the other hand, the cornbread looks quite yummy.

  3. Are you still using the same cornbread mix? I gotta find some to try, looks pertty yummy! Might get back in our home early March so we will be looking to hit the road by April! ....maybe

    1. Yes, Famous Dave's Corn Bread Mix. If there is anything better out there I wouldn't be able to handle it!


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