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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tiny House For Sale

No one was around so that I could ask about their tiny house they built.  Perhaps it turned out too tiny.  That is a propane hot water heater to the left of the door and probably an air conditioner above it.  They have it blocked off for the winter.

On the other side is the inlet to fill a water tank and under the house I see an outlet for dumping black and grey water so it must have a toilet and sink.  The green tent is your shower.  On the roof I can just make out at least one solar panel for electricity.


  1. That seems to be pushing the concept of minimalism a bit far.

  2. Maybe just a tiny bit too tiny? Might be ok for tiny people.

  3. Thanks for the tour. After 20 years living aboard the boat, I know too much to buy such a thing, LOL

  4. I'd call it a caravan admitidly a static one

  5. I can do caravan, camper van, motor home but I will pass on this, it's way to small.


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