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Friday, March 9, 2018

Activity in the Neighborhood

These two trucks parked right down the road from us one morning.  Every day the Border Patrol goes back and forth on the main desert road away from us but this time they parked and unloaded their ATV's right by our camp.

They were gone for about six hours riding around in the desert and getting paid for it.
That sure beats working in an office building.  

That would be a job I would have enjoyed except...I'd probably have to work up to that point by first putting in my time manning checkpoints on the highway and I wouldn't enjoy dealing with each and every car that came by day after day doing inspections.  Plus I'd probably have to learn Spanish too.

A cast off water jug from someone who walked all this way from Mexico, about 35 to 40 miles at this point.  I cannot imagine walking all that way through the desert.  You can still see the rope they used to tie on another water jug and sling the two over their shoulder or a stick.


  1. The desert seems like a very unhospitable and unfriendly place. Heat, spiky cactus, no shade, the need to carry water everywhere, border patrols chasing you.... Desperate people trying to cross the border. Do the border patrols ever stop you and question you?

    1. No I have never seen them talk with campers at any of the places we've stayed at. They have inspection check points set up along the highways coming in from the south but they always just wave us through. An old man and his cat is of no interest to them it seems, not that we would be transporting drugs of any kind. Well there is catnip on board...

    2. High quality catnip too.....

  2. I was going to ask the same question, I don't need to now though. It's very sad that people are so desperate to get to another country for a better life. I'm very grateful I live in the UK.


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