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Friday, March 23, 2018

America the Beautiful

Van Horn, Texas

This is becoming a common theme with the places we park overnight.
This one was a large gravel lot behind a McDonald's and several hotel/motels.
It is a convenient and popular place for big rig trucks to pull off and rest for the night. 

You cannot help but think the truckers themselves are responsible for a large part of the litter,
especially those plastic soda bottles half-filled with what looks like tea; it ain't tea trust me.
I spared you the photo of a bottle full.

But it is free camping and with free you get what comes with the territory.
It's good enough for one night and we always park as far away as possible from the trucks.

We're not the only ones using these free sites.  There were two other RV's, a truck and camper and a young couple from North Carolina sleeping in their car next to us when I woke up in the morning.

You may have noticed the photos are smaller.  They will be that way from now on.  I am tired of presenting blurry photos for you on this blog.  As I am having to use a wifi hotspot to post on the blog that seems to be the issue.  The original photo is too much for the weak cell service connection.
I apologize. 


  1. How did you know the free parking was behind the McDonalds? Had you camped there before? Shame about the garbage. If there was a garbage container available, perhaps people would dispose of their rubbish responsibly, but what to do about the tires and large items? And yuck to the nasty pop bottles.....

  2. There are a couple of apps that show the traveler free places to stop over or camp. As for trash containers, they are always present but rarely used.

  3. ew, why do they just leave the full bottles, they could empty them.

  4. Weird about the blurry photos. I don't understand how that can be an upload speed issue. Seems like they should either load, or if the connection is too slow, they just won't load. The mysteries of technology.


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