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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another Entry in the 'America the Beautiful' Series

Pecos, Texas

As historically romantic as Pecos may seem it wasn't.  Maybe we were on the wrong side of town.  The area surrounding the town is all oilfields.  Big trucks carrying drilling supplies and tankers carting off oil and natural gas were all about.  They tear up the pavement on all the main roads in town.  The town itself was covered with light brown dusty dirt, everything the same dirt brown color.

We spent the night at a travelers overnight/picnic area on the northern edge of town.
This place was a dump.  There were six large trash cans in the "park".  None were being used.
It's a lot easier to just toss your rubbish out the window.

All the cement tables were covered in graffiti.
Now maybe had that sign been in Spanish...naw, wouldn't of helped.

Trash was everywhere but worse so were all the bottles, half of which were broken.
I just didn't feel comfortable taking Beans out for a walk with all the broken glass about.
Cactus she can negotiate real well now, broken glass is a whole other thing.
Beans was not happy.

Trust me, I'm not out looking for this type of scenery.  It just happens to be the only thing I see going from one spot to another.  Texas is BIG and it's taking three days to get to our next point of interest.

The weather was nice here, no wind and the birds were singing.  So sad as obviously at some point in time (when it was new?) this spot in Pecos was a nice place for the traveler to stop and rest a spell.

You may have noticed the photos are smaller.  They will be that way from now on.  I am tired of presenting blurry photos for you on this blog.  As I am having to use a wifi hotspot to post on the blog that seems to be the issue.  The original photo is too much for the weak cell service connection.
I apologize. 


  1. The more space there is, the more people feel free to mess it up. Mind you there's still more than enough litter in these little islands.

  2. What a shame that the people who travel won't take care of the land they want to travel in. Just dump the refuse and them move on.

  3. Some people are just trash themselves. As John says we have them here, I guess they are everywhere.

  4. I have seen my fair share of truck drivers litter where they park and even down the road. Respect the road. Respect the land. Is it really that difficult?!?!?

  5. That is a crazy story all right. You usually only hear about success stories in business, but the failures are so interesting too.


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