A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Beans Being Beans

On watch duty.

Undercover watch duty.

Off duty.

Making use of that afternoon sun.

A very happy cat.

The mornings can be cold in the desert.  Sometimes I have to fire up the heater.  Beans is fascinated by the heater.  I don't think she is cold, she just likes to watch the glowing element.

The heater is a propane Mr. Buddy heater safe to use indoors.  
It really warms the place up in no time.  The propane tank is outside.
The RV has a propane heating system but it is inefficient and runs a blower fan to move the hot air in which in turn runs down the battery fast.

So cute, asleep in her favorite spot on top of the slide-out.

When she jumps down from up there the whole RV shakes with the thud.  It always startles me as I think something hit the RV or a tree limb fell on it.  "Geeze Beans!"


  1. You have found a real match with Beans, she looks very happy with the nomadic life!

  2. Just as I suspected, you guys have been taking this trip on a flying carpet!

  3. One of my friends has a cat which follows patches of sunlight as they move across the floor, then looks very puzzled as the square of light and warmth begins to ascend the wall.

  4. Beans has the same coloring as my childhood cat Pandy, but Pandy was a bit fluffier. Love the photo of the black toes.

  5. It's so good to see photos of Beans, she is gorgeous and very content. I love the photo of her paws :-)


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