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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Continental Divide Trading Post

Separ, New Mexico

This roadside tee-pee has seen better days.

This trading post was not as overwhelming when I walked in as was The Thing? or maybe I am getting used  to them.  I did a little bit of research and learned there are 10 Bowlin trading posts.  Back in 1912 Claude Bowlin began trading with the Native American Indians of New Mexico. This evolved into providing services for the traveler then after World War II turned his focus on the tourist visiting New Mexico where they could purchase Native American jewelry, rugs, baskets and pottery.

Inside was pretty much like the other and now I am curious as to exactly where the origin of a lot of this merchandise is.  

The next Trading Post I'll look more closely for Made in China marked on it.

This one had a room full of fireworks.  These are the type you cannot buy in California so it was all new to me.  Like the crooked yellow box stack to left, $99.  You light one fuse and 150 pieces of fireworks shoot up into the sky.  In 30 seconds a hundred dollar bill has gone up in smoke and pyrotechnics. 

This Native America buckskin top caught my attention and it was for sale - $199.99

Then I looked closer.

The wind was really whipping from out of the east and not having to really be anywhere special we stayed the afternoon and night.  I was losing 7 miles per gallon beating into the wind.
Take a close look at the hand-written part.

Separ had this post apocalyptic feel about it.

Well one good thing, being on the Continental Divide its all down hill from here.

These photos as some in the past appear blurry to me when I view them.  If they are on your end then it must have something to do with the upload over weak wifi circuits. 
My camera takes much nicer pictures than what I'm seeing here.


  1. I'm sure you'll find "made in China" on many of those souvenirs. Gosh, all those fireworks piled up, I hope there are a lot of NO SMOKING signs. I like those glitchy souvenir places along the highways. I like to look through them but never buy anything.
    I have a picture of me and my travelling companion at the Continental Divide when we were driving to California. But It was only a sign, not a souvenir shop. Different highway I suppose.

  2. oh dear, those last two photos are so sad. I think you would look quite dapper in one of those buckskins.


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