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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fishhook Cactus

A few days ago I showed a small fishhook cactus about the size of a golf ball.
I've since located the large variety of that family of cacti.
This plant is two feet tall or more.  The yellow is fruit from earlier blooms.
They are probably tasty but not worth the effort to get plus I didn't want to disfigure the plant.

Here you can see the hook in the spines. 
You could actually use one to sew with if need be.


  1. Wow! I wonder if they did use those to sew with in the old days.

    That fruit looks pretty hard to resist!

  2. I presume there is a seed inside the yellow fruit. How do these seeds get out of the fruit to reproduce? Seems too spiky to allow animals to get at the fruit.

  3. I took almost the exact same photo. (coming soon... ish) lol


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