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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I See Green!!

Sterling City, Texas

I cannot express to you the excitement I felt when I saw this green pasture while driving.  Really, since we crossed into Texas at El Paso over 400 miles ago there has been absolutely nothing green to be seen along the highways.  I don't mind telling you it was wearing me down and for a few days there I was very disillusioned about my choice of route through Texas.  I had only two choices and one I had done before with Sinbad when we went south to Big Bend.  So naturally I wanted to see new sights on a new route and headed east.

I took another photo out the side window trying to eliminate the reflection above.  Now what are the chances I'd get this power pole arrangement perfectly framed in the photo while driving 55 mph?

The next town was Sterling City and I pulled into their picnic area.  
Now this is a proper picnic area, not like that dump back in Pecos.


  1. Glad you found some green.

    That shot is amazing! What are the chances?

  2. Must be very soothing to see those green fields after weeks in a desert surrounding.

  3. I understand your hankering to see green, I feel the same way after a Canadian winter! No green around here yet, but once we have a couple of rainy days, the green will start to appear. You couldn't replicate that power pole picture no matter how hard you tried.

  4. The green looks good to these winter weary eyes!

  5. I know that feeling (albeit to a lesser extent perhaps) from when I returned from the mountains of N Scotland to find that Spring had occurred down south while I was away.

  6. That shot is amazing! What are the chances?

  7. Yes Pecos was grim, this is looking much better. That is a great shot.


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