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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Not in California!

Junction, Texas

You would never see this happening in California.

But see, we are in Texas.

In California this would be encircled with chain-link fencing topped off with razor wire, signs posted:
 Keep Out, No Trespassing, Violators will be prosecuted, punishable by fine or imprisonment.

It really is nothing to walk along this.
 Three feet wide, no water current and not slippery.

 This is all that is really needed.

Although California likes to proclaim itself as a liberal state it has more rules, regulations, restrictions and laws than most of the rest of the states in the nation.  It ranks #4 as the most restrictive state.  
Or to put it another way #47 in personal freedoms. 
Meanwhile Texas ranks #5 in having the most economic and personal freedoms along with one of the smallest governments in the country and low taxes.


  1. The problem nowadays is governments and councils are scared of being sued by idiots with no common sense of how to be responsible for themselves.

  2. We all need rules to live by, some states more than others I guess! The only part of Texas I have seen was driving across the panhandle area on US40 through Amarillo, oh... and the inside of Houston airport.
    The weather must be warm, as those girls on the dam are wearing their summer clothes.

  3. While waiting for a train the other morning I was treated to the following warnings:
    It is dangerous to ride bicycles on the platform.
    Stand behind the yellow line till the train stops.
    Do not leave luggage unattended on the platform.
    If you feel ill during a journey do not pull the emergency stop lever but wait till the next station.
    The doors on the train will close 30 seconds before the train is due to leave.
    During cold weather the platform may be slippery. Take extra care.
    Luckily I survived all these perils and got home safely!

  4. They are scaring the mess out of me up there on that dam!


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