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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Rockhound State Park

Deming, New Mexico

We pulled in to what I believe was the last campsite available.  This is spring break week for the schools and I was wondering if we would be able to get in.  Well, it didn't matter as the camp host started directing newcomers to camp in the day use area and even a couple were camping alongside the approach road.  This I thought smart on behalf of the New Mexico State Park system-more revenue.  At any rate, happy to be here I broke one of my rules and paid for two nights at once instead of the usual one night at a time.  The family camping in this tent next door to us had this two year old that would just scream, cry and wail on and on.  Why? Why right next to us?  We were stuck for two days or otherwise I'd left the following morning.   

So let me show you the bathrooms.  
California State Parks have nothing even as close to as nice as this and they will never have.
I paid $10 a night.  In California the average is $25.

This park has been here for awhile so this isn't something all new, just well taken care of.

And showers where you don't need a fist-full of quarters for a 3 minute tepid bath.
This was free and you pushed a button.  It'd run a couple of minutes and shut off.  Push the button again and continue.  Very nice New Mexico.

Then look at the sunsets you get with your $10 camp fee.

This alone is worth the price of admission.

These pictures look blurry to me. It's aggravating.
I hope when you see them they are not.


  1. The first shot looks particularly fuzzy, the others not too bad. Sunsets and showers versus a bawling baby - a difficult call.

  2. Hooray for the New Mexico State Parks people. They know that clean accessible bathrooms are an important part of life on the road. I found the same when using the rest stops along the highways.

  3. Pleasant jaunt and fine shots in any event


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