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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

That's Not Snow, Beans

London, Texas

 Usually we get on the road after I have my cup of coffee and a granola bar, then will stop later along the way for breakfast. This was one of those stops.  The ground was cover with a white sand.
Looks like snow.  Someday Beans might get to see the real thing.

Of course she had to roll in it making her a grey cat. 
Most had fallen off by the time I got a picture.

Can you believe the speed limit on these two-lane country roads is 70 mph?
And me driving along at 45 mph.  No Texas driver has got upset with us.
Now if we were in California I'd get a single digit hand gesture and ran off the road.


  1. Looks rather different from London, England. Did someone once dream of a huge city growing here?

  2. 70mph? That's 112km/ph, that's faster than the speed limit on our 12 lane highways that cross the top of Toronto! Interesting white sand.... volcanic?

  3. That does seem fast for a country road.

  4. How many London's are there? 60is our limit on most road or 50 but you get the idiot's thing they can drive faster, tend to find them in the hedge further along


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