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Thursday, March 29, 2018

This For Sure Isn't Pecos!

Junction, Texas

We had a good prospect for camping at Richard's Park, a city run park in Sterling City.  But when we arrived a big banner informed us that for the month of March all campsites were by reservation only.  Seems that we came when some fair and country singing jamboree was to be taking place.  We ended up at a Walmart for the night.  The following day was another city park in Junction, only we'd be arriving on a Saturday.  So you can imagine my disbelievement (is that a word?) of our good fortune when we pulled in and found we had the place practically all to ourselves.  

This park is along the banks of the Llano River-the very steep banks.
As the sign above showed a three day limit for camping it doesn't show that it's FREE!
I'll take that.

That is Lake Junction.
The water slide looks like fun. (not a water slide, a rough cement spillway)

This park is a complete opposite of that in Pecos.
This was so refreshing to find.


  1. looks a nice enough place to stay a few days though

  2. This looks like a really nice place, your camp sites are getting better and better :-)

  3. I see a few green leaves appearing on the trees. Looks like a nice place to park, better than a Walmart parking area.


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