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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Beans Finds Things

Lake Vanderwork

Hey, I like this place dad. Lets go explore.


This Oklahoma red dirt is great to roll in.

Look dad, beaver live here.

Ha, the beaver actually thought he could chew through this tree.

A turkey skeleton.  
That's okay, I don't care for turkey meat.

Well how about this, an armadillo carcass.  We've seen them as roadkill on the highway but never one up close like this.  Someday maybe we will see a live one.

Gee, I have no idea what this was.

Yep, this is pretty neat place, dad.

Back in the RV Beans was intently staring at something outside.  I looked out and saw this Osprey up in the tree next to us eating a fish it had just caught.  This is a good example of my habit of always getting at least one photo in the camera before moving in and setting up for a better shot.  I suspected as soon as I stepped outside it would fly away, so I went to take a photo from inside through the window.  He decided to fly off just as I snapped the shot.


  1. Thank you, Beans, for that tour of interesting things. Most enlightening and entertaining.

  2. Interesting tour around. I like that armadillo carcas.

  3. Well at least you got to see the osprey, thought Beans was off fishing

  4. A nice selection of local wildlife, although some of them weren't very alive any more!

  5. And the osprey took his fish with him!


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