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Monday, April 30, 2018

Floydada, Texas

Floydada hasn't anything noteworthy to mention except for maybe the difference in opinions as to how the town acquired it's name.  There was a sign on the outskirts of town proclaiming Floydada as the pumpkin capitol of the world, so its got that going for itself. 

I toured their downtown business district. 
 Mind you, this around noon on a Saturday.

It had this apocalyptic feel to it as I drove around.
I say this in no disrespect.  This is a very common sight I find in all the small towns I visit.
Consider too, this is the county seat for Floyd County, Texas.

I like the wording and style of lettering here.
It was closed as was every other place of business (most for good)
 except for a drug store and auto parts store.

What brought us here was their little park.  
Here I admired the simple hand-done lettering.
This park is among the minority in the fact they provide electricity and water at each pull-in.
Even more so, the first two nights are free. Very rare.

Even though we didn't need or use their electricity, water or dump station
I still say "Thank you, Floydada".
Take note little towns, you provide a place like this and I will come.


  1. Looks like a modern ghost town. Free park and shops closed - difficult financial model to justify.

  2. I grew up in Plainview, Texas and now live in Lubbock, and both aren't very far from Floydada. When I was in high school in Plainview, my boyfriend lived in Floydada..of course, that was in the 50's and Floydada's downtown looked a lot different.
    Have safe travels.

  3. They don't even have oil slicks in the parking spaces. It's like a blast from the past.

  4. I'm fascinated by these little towns. With so much of the town closed down, you wonder how many people are left who really know the towns history? Good that they have the History and Genealogy Center to hopefully record the history before it all disappears.

  5. It is sad to see such a deserted town. I don't know what can save them.


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