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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Imagining Comanche

Stonewall Jackson Camp
Holliday, Texas

I took a walk into the woods imagining how it would be 
to be a Comanche Indian traveling through here.

First off they wouldn't have had this to cross the water by.
No, I didn't trust myself to go this route.

I went another way which by the looks of it someone has driven a vehicle through here
tainting my Comanche Indian thoughts.

I discovered this camp.
I don't think the Indians would have went through so much trouble building a barricade

Nope, not very Indian-like.
Doesn't even look like it has ever had a fire in it either.

Someone hung a wind chime up.
It was a nice gentle tinkle sound in the wind so I'll accept that.

And finally what's left of "Pete Martin Chapel" way back in the woods.
What's this doing here?
So much for my Comanche Indian experience.

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