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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jack Sisemore RV Museum

Amarillo, Texas

Jack started out owning a Chevron gas station in Amarillo.  He had a 1974 Winnebago RV which he rented out from the filling station.  It was so popular that within a year he had 6 rentals.  This eventually got him into the RV business in 1978 selling Winnebagos.  He is the oldest Winnebago dealer in Texas.  Then a little over 25 years ago he began collecting and restoring unusual vintage RVs.  The museum is at his RV dealership lot and admission is free.

I visited with Jack for awhile; a really nice gentleman probably around late 60's early 70's in age.   His wife was there also, a really stunning looking woman of the same vintage.  
She might have been restored too or just has good genes.  


  1. After that statement, I think we need to see a pic of Jack's wife!
    What an awesome museum, I would love to visit. And I see a VW bus there in the foreground. I had one of those, did lots of miles in her, her name was Polly.

  2. Now that is my sort of place to visit, hope you have more photo's

  3. I would like to visit that museum, like Bill, I hope you show us lots of photos.


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