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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lake Limestone #2

Farrar, Texas
Lake Limestone

We stayed a whole seven days at Limestone Lake Park and besides the occasional fisherman who came to launch his boat, no one - no campers, no picnickers, no day use people, ever came.  We had it all to ourselves and at no cost.  But the urge to move on was too great to ignore and so we did...
27 miles north to the other end of Lake Limestone.

Here I can occasionally hear the sound of cars in the distance.  
At the other place it was so far away from the road all I ever heard were birds, the wind in the trees and thunder from passing thunder storms.

A walk along the shore I came across this.  I have only seen illustrations of these fish before.  I talked with a fisherman and he confirmed what I thought it was - gar.  I thought it odd the fish was just lying there, discarded.  He told me they are edible but the skin and scales are so tough you need a hatchet to cut into them.  Not worth the bother he said.  Well, a raccoon wasn't deterred any.  That is what had been feeding on the fish.  Kind of a scary looking fish, no?


  1. This looks like the ideal place to stay for a while. I love the silhouettes of the trees in your first photo. I`ve never seen a gar, but have seen pics. Scary looking individual!

  2. It's great to see your enjoying life John... sorry I don't visit as often as I used to.

  3. That is one nasty looking fish! I've never seen one either, but must have seen pics somewhere, because gar came to mind.

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  5. Yup, we had those dead fish washed up on Lewisville Lake in my backyard where I grew up.



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