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Monday, April 16, 2018

Looking for a Hobby?

Montague, Texas

Collect windmills!

Windmills are still used today for pumping water from the ground.  Did some research and the top portion will cost close to $3000.  Then you need the tower which ranges from $2500 to $7000 depending on the height.  Now you need the shaft, pump and something to hold water.
After that you have free water forever, as long as the well doesn't go dry.


  1. I'll just stick to the stuff that comes out of the tap, please.

  2. A long way to get water, we only ouse windmills to get energy.

  3. That's an expensive way to get water.

  4. Lots of windmills.... there must be a need for lots of water. Could some of those windmills be used to produce energy?


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