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Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Anniversary Gift from Beans

Calumet, Oklahoma

You may recall how at the beginning of the year I was gifted a Native American flute by my camping neighbor.  Well I have been enjoying learning how to play it much to Bean's discontent.  She just doesn't really like it.  Over time I can tell the tone isn't all that great for after all the flute is one like you'd pick up in a gift shop at a National Park.  So I've been researching quality Native American flutes and that's how we ended up here at the trading post.

They had what I wanted.  This is in a lower key of G whereas the other was a mid-tone A.
Amazingly Beans doesn't mind this flute at all and it really does sound so much better.


  1. Sweet Beans at last she has no painful ears anymore :)

  2. I'd like to hear the sound that comes out of that flute. Are these flutes hand made locally or, like so many "souvenirs", imported from Asia somewhere.

  3. If it sounds as good as it looks then you've got yourself a nice flute there.

  4. I'm glad Beans is happier. It's a nice looking flute.


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