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Monday, April 2, 2018

Stonehenge II

Ingram, Texas

Alright, I was impressed when I pulled off the road to see this.
It was better than I had expected.

It was a damp, overcast, drizzly day, a very English countryside-like feel, 
perfect for viewing a Stonehenge recreation.

   Best of all you don't have to deal with all the tourists that you get when seeing the real Stonehenge.

 There's the added bonus: you get to walk in and around this one.
Knocking on the "stone" you could hear a hollow sound like a metal drum,
but for me that didn't detract from the overall experience. 

Here is the story behind its creation.

One of the Moai statues. 
Reminds me of Jay Leno.


  1. A pity they couldn't build it the same size as the original, but an interesting and worthwhile project even so.

  2. What fun! I'd love to visit this. I've been to the original Stonehenge a few times, including back when you were free to walk around it and touch the stones. And I'd love to see Carhenge, somewhere in Nebraska.

  3. In that light it does look like England!

  4. Cool but the thing is the real Stonehenge does not look like that, the stones are compete on the real one and many are lying on their side but 10 out of 10 for trying


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