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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Texas Countryside

Cuero, Texas

Some of the nice country in mid-eastern Texas

We pulled over at a roadside rest for lunch.  
It was very peaceful and the birds were singing their little hearts out.

It was so nice we just stayed the night there.

I think these are called Firewheel flowers.
I learned that from a fellow blogger (Hi, TWG) who lives in Texas.

And I saw my first air plants.  This means we finally have come east enough in the south where these plants live.  They grow in trees without roots and get their nutrients and moisture through rain, dew, dust, decaying leaves and insect matter.

After seeing the air plants it made me reflect back on Sinbad and I touring the south and going all the way down Florida to the Everglades.  I remember calling Sinbad Gatorbait as we would go for walks seeing the alligators so close by in the water thinking how one could rush up the bank and grab him.  I still miss him a lot.  We sure had some good times together.  But now I have Beans and she is such a joy to have and she is doing her best to fill the void Sinbad left behind.


  1. It is always good to remember a cat, we still talk about our former cats, their characters and habits. Each one has something special.

  2. hi, john! hi, beans! we're still in bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes here! my firewheels will hit home in may. :)

  3. Well your in a nice place at the moment which is a big plus

  4. It's also called blanket flower, or gaillardia. Good old Beans, what a good cat! Lovely to remember Sinbad so fondly. I still have happy memories of cats long gone now.... Midge, Puff, Marmo and Dixie.

  5. I never will forget my cats or my dogs. They were all important.

  6. That's so green it looks almost English. Not what I'd expected of Texas - not a cattle ranch or an oil well in sight!

  7. I still affectionately remember my dogs and my cat from years ago. You have very fond memories of Sinbad, and you're making new ones with beautiful Beans. This area looks very nice.


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