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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Texas Roadside Rest

La Grange, Texas

We only traveled a couple of hours when coming upon another roadside rest, 
this one with a bit of history behind it

I think back to a time in the late 1930's, early 40's when travelers would stop here, a scene of the good old days in a black and white movie you'd watch on a Sunday afternoon.  I imagine the cars from that period, the man wearing a coat, vest and hat-most likely a fedora.  The woman in a full flowery dress and maybe she too a hat of bonnet.  The kids would be running around while dad checked the oil and added some water to the radiator.  Meanwhile mom got the picnic basket out of the trunk of the car, spread a tablecloth on the table and prepared some sandwiches, or maybe they had brought some fried chicken along with them for the trip.  

Oh how times have changed.

Hmm...I think dad had to do more than just check the oil and water.  
Looks like this wrench has been out here since 1936 or so. 


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