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Saturday, April 14, 2018

World's Largest Bowie Knife

Bowie, Texas

This big Bowie knife greets you as you enter the town of Bowie.  It is 20 feet long and made from stainless steel, brass and wood at the cost of $170,000.  It took three years to complete.  The concrete base is 3 feet thick.  I couldn't find any connection between the town and the man, Jim Bowie himself.

James Bowie was a pioneer who died at the Alamo.  There is speculation that he designed the knife that carries his name or that it was the creation of a noted craftsman of the time.


  1. Great picture! I love the idea of towns displaying a huge something-or-other that they are famous for.... like the Big Nickel at Sudbury or the Canada Goose at Wawa.... you may have to google them, both in Canada.

  2. Why do I see that knife and think maybe a young King Arthur will come along and pull it out of the stone???


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