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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Camp Flagler

Flagler State Wildlife Reserve
Flager, Colorado

Well this turned out to be a very nice place...once I was able to get there.  We came up north on a state highway that met up with Interstate 70.  At the junction there was construction - installing a new overpass - so a detour was called for.  Just to get to the other side of the Interstate like only 100 yards away, I had to drive east on the Interstate for 6.5 miles, cross over at Vona and come back on the Interstate another 6.5 miles!  All of that just to get to the other side!  I'll say no more.  Grrr....

This place made it worth it.  Hardly any litter, no one else here and just listening to the birds.
We had a real good electrical storm one evening.  One lightening strike was very close!  I think that was the loudest noise I have ever heard.  Beans is a real trooper.  She just laid there when I went to check on her.  Poor Sinbad, he'd be really frightened.

This is supposed to be a small lake (or large pond) but has been dry now for a number of years.  I guess due to the drought.  The only good part in that is no water equals no mosquitoes. 

Beans just loved bounding through this grass.  It really brings a smile to my face to see her happy and having so much fun. Way much better than the life she was destined for living inside of an apartment.

I had a plan on where to go for the summer months 
but may have to alter it some due to global warming.


  1. Can't argue with your choice of place to stay, looks very peaceful

  2. I think you are brave to be in such an isolated place on your own. I'd like some people somewhere around!

  3. Interesting to see the dry lake bed growing grass. I wonder how long it would take to fillagain after a big storm.


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