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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Camp Middle of Nowhere

Highway 61
Survey Valley, Nebraska

This highway went due north through Nebraska.  There wasn't anything much in the way to stop for the night the entire way.  Finally one of those Points of Historical Interest showed up.  
Out of desperation and both of us tired from driving we stopped.

This will do.
And it did.  I was very peaceful and quiet there.

Wait Dad.  Let me see if it is safe to cross the road.
We were there for about 15 hours and I bet
 maybe a dozen or two cars and trucks were all that passed by.

Looking north, the route for the next day.
But when morning came I saw the propane tank was down, approaching empty.  
There was nowhere in our travel plan northward to get propane.
A change of plan was put into effect.  


  1. You've done nothing to alter my preconceptions about Nebraska. A place to get away from it all - except that there's no "it all" to get away from! :)

  2. Looks like an empty place there, a road to nowhere...

  3. Lonely scenery, not even a lizard for Beans to chase. But nice and green.

  4. Guess I'm a minority, but I've always enjoyed those long long horizons while traveling through the Great Plains. I imagine the stars are amazing. Always have wondered, John, how do you find those little county/city parks with camping facilities? Lee and I are heading out toward Tx soon, and I'm hoping we can wander around on the way home enjoying some small towns' characters along the way. Got any advice?

    1. I use freecampsites.net for most of my finds. Campendium.com is my next choice which includes pay to stay sites. When all else fails I go to my ALLSTAYS app which among other places like truck stops and rest areas has all the Walmarts listed including those that do not allow overnighting due to city ordinances.


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