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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Elk Killing Fields

Forest Service Rd. 125
Cebolla, New Mexico

We went on up the road a ways to the northern edge of the Carson Nat. Forest.
This was a nice spot at nearly 8000 feet with a great view of the valley below,
good cell service and no one else around.

Then I took Beans for a walk and started finding parts and pieces of elk everywhere.
This is the entire hide, fur and all, stiff as plywood.

And another.  I guess this is a popular elk hunting area 
and the hunters cast off everything they don't want.

I did find the lower jawbones of one that had been sawed off and still had all the teeth in it.  I kept it thinking I'll do or make something artsy out of it this winter while in the desert.  Or just maybe leave it lying there making people wonder what kind of desert animal was this?

We ended up leaving the next day.  It just didn't have a good feeling about being there.


  1. Yeah, body parts and isolated areas always give me the creeps, too. You were wise to listen to your inner voice. Seems you're running into a couple of weeks of "shady" campsites. Hope things start cheering up for you two. I've been cleaning out the camper all week (just got it back from the shop). Hopefully, we'll be hitting the road soon.

  2. That doesn't look good to walk between all those remains...

  3. A bit creepy seeing all those cast off bits and pieces of animals, I wouldn't like it either. I'm glad you moved on.


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