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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fort Pierre National Grassland

South of Pierre, South Dakota

The quest for propane took us 100 miles to the east from our intended route to the town of Pierre.
With that accomplished we traveled 30 miles south to this National Grassland preserve.
This was nice and served as a good place to rest up after some long days of driving.

Once settled I needed to stretch my legs and did a hike around Leir (or Lehr) reservoir created by Richland dam, built in 1934-35 all with just horse and mule power.

I was curious about traveling through the prairie grass like the pioneers had to do crossing the Great Plains.  The grasses range from one to two feet in height.  It wasn't just a matter of walking normally; I had to pick up my feet much like walking in snow.  I imagine a couple hours of this would be very tiresome.  I cannot imagine days, weeks and months of walking through prairie grass.  
You could lose a child in this stuff.  

There were pretty things to find along the way.

Ah, a turtle making his way across the earthen dam. 
He didn't trust me enough to poke his head out very far.
Just go away.  Please, just go away.

I'm sure there are many different prairie flowers to be seen in all those miles they crossed.
The bugs and flies I stirred up while walking were an annoyance to say the least.
I even picked up a tick.  

        It would be demoralizing and heart braking having to face this the first thing every morning.
                            Those poor pioneers.  What a tough generation of people there were.


  1. As you said it is a wonderful place to sit a relax after a long drive. Beautiful dam surrounded by grass. So cute turtle:)

  2. Day after day trudging through that, buts have been mind numbing

  3. Beautiful scene, but oh the ticks you could meet to "echo" Dr. Suess' rhythms


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