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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Hendrum, Minnesota

We stayed a night at their little community park.  For a small town of around 300 they had a very nice park.  Staying here I thought it very much like parks in Washington, so green and lush.

We were under so much shade that the solar panels couldn't do their job charging the batteries.

This big barn made me think of having a barn dance here although that concrete doesn't look all that well to be dancing on.  Everything had cracks in it, including the cinder block walls of the bathrooms.
Maybe there is seismic activity in this area.

The large patio area was in better shape although those bathrooms are in the back there.
I got online to see what kind of events they had scheduled in Hendrum:
the regular monthly city council meetings and 
garbage pickup day has been changed for the Labor Day holiday.

Nice old fashioned playground area.  
The baseball diamond behind didn't look like it had been used in sometime. 

Old late 30's Dodge truck in the field across from the park.

On the other side was the Wild Rice River.
Look at that log jam!

This was just amazing to me to see.
I guess it is of no concern to the locals.


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