A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Lizard Haven

Tres Piedras
NW of Taos, New Mexico

It had been a long dry spell of lizard hunting for Beans.
This place broke the drought.

On the lookout.

Got him!

Now what do I do now that I have him?

We even had one inside the RV.  It was mayhem inside for a few moments but she finally cornered the lizard and got it.  Once she grew tired of playing with it I put it outside.
Mr. Lucky lived to see another day a little worse for wear.


  1. That instinct of cat never stops. I see Sofietje running after flies, big birds her size, lucky she never succeeds.

  2. Just think of the exciting escape stories Mr Lizard will be telling all the little lizardettes when they sit around the rock pile just before bedtime.

  3. ha ha, I like Shammickite's comment. Fearless Beans, I'm glad the lizard survived though, I like lizards, I have a small tattoo of one on my shoulder!


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