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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Marshall County Historical Society Museum

Warren, Minnesota

This was another very well done collection of artifacts in this area from years gone by.
I had to refrain from photographing much of the same material as the previous museum in Kansas.
But here is their General Store which I thought worthy.

Also a saloon much like what would be like around the turn of the century.

The outside wall of the main building had the store front facades to what you would see from inside.

On the grounds outside was a relocated and restored school house.
The young girl up front is representing the fact that girls as young as 15 or 16
 were school teachers in rural school houses at the time.

This cabin was built in 1886 and relocated at the Historical Society grounds.

It had only two rooms divided by a partition wall.

The family had 14 children!  Now where did they keep them all and where did everyone sleep?
Maybe there was access to the attic but I saw no stairs.  I guess the kids sat on the floor to eat.

Next door was a cabin more to my liking.

Yep, this will do just fine.

Tomorrow's post will show the reason why 
I came to the Marshall County Historical Society Museum. 


  1. Love those little views in history.

  2. They've made a good job of the displays. An interesting place to visit.

  3. It is a really nice museum! Funny but we had the same desks at school when I first started going to school - with the inkwells and everything! And now they are in a museum! ;-)


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