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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Homestead

Tres Piedras
NW of Taos, New Mexico

This place was on the other side of the little valley in front of the cabin I showed yesterday.
I think this was for storage of grain or hay.

Inside were four of these stalls. 
Cramped quarters so not that great of picture.

Over a ways was what must have been the house.
You see the tree trunks holding up the wall. 

                         The wind was blowing pretty good and I felt it best to not go inside.

See what I mean?

The weathered color of these boards were wonderful.
People pay a lot of money for this wood to put up inside their homes.

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  1. What an interesting place. You weren't able to find any information about who build it and who lived there?


I appreciate my commenters. Thank you. Sometimes you may ask a question which I am all too happy to answer. But if your comment comes in as Betsy-noreply-comment - I cannot reply back. Change you comment settings to include an e-mail address and then bloggers can reply.