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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Missing Woman

Tres Piedras
NW of Taos, New Mexico

One afternoon around 3pm a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a man and woman on it rolled by camp on the rough old forest service dirt road.  That was very unusual for a street bike to be on this road.  The woman on the back was really pretty - stunning.  In her 20's, dirty blonde hair in a single braid down her back and a big smile on her face.  I only got a glimpse so I was ready for them to come back by when they left.  Around 4:30 here comes the bike.  The woman is not on the back. 

This road only goes in a quarter of a mile and stops at a barbed-wire fence.  The other side is private property.  There is a walk-through gate as the land owner allows access for those who want to hike and climb the rocks.  There is no other way out than the way you came in, right by our camp.

So this is really weird.  I go for a walk up to the end and stop by the only other RV here to talk with the old guy.  While talking here comes the guy back on his Harley.  So we figure he just left her there for awhile why he did something and she communed with Nature.  All good. ( Or perhaps he returned to the scene of the crime?)  Back at camp 30 minutes later I hear the bike coming.  I'm ready to get a better look at this woman.  She's not on the bike!  Now this is more than weird; its highly suspicious.  

The guy came back one more time.  He left at 7:30pm and that was for the last time.  I never saw the woman again.

This ate at me.  There was only one other camper here, a red car.  I never saw the owner all week.  Maybe she was with the red car and the biker was a friend who came up to visit.  The next morning I walked up there and finally saw the campers with the red car.  Not her.

Even if they got into a fight and she stormed off, there was nowhere for her to go.  Naturally she would walk out the road she came in on being that was the only route she was familiar with and would lead her down the highway a quarter of a mile to the Ranger station.  No other roads led in or out from this area.  Trails led off in the opposite directions into the wilderness forest. 

I couldn't enjoy my time there any longer.  I left the next day and stopped in at the New Mexico State police in Espanola.  I left them with my story plus photos of the guy on his bike.  When I left I felt a relief and can now continue on with a clear mind.  Hopefully there is nothing to it all.

The officer I talked with said he'd pass this information on to the Taos area in the case of a missing person report.  I said "Don't people have to wait 24 (or 48) hours before they can file a missing persons report?  It hasn't been that long."  Nope.  You can't believe the stuff we see on TV or in the movies.


  1. I hope there's an innocent explanation to all this but it is all rather weird.

  2. That souds weird and unpleasant...

  3. I hope the biker guy isn't a blogger. If we don't hear any more from you, we'll know that he can read.
    This does sound very odd. And I hope we get to hear what really happened.

  4. Maybe it was just a blow-up doll. ;~)

  5. Thank you for observing and caring and reporting!


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