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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Thief

Espanola, New Mexico

After I finished filing my report on the mysterious missing woman with the New Mexico State Police  I got on with the really important business of the day - laundry.  With that completed I drove down the street to Walmart where we'd spend the night.  

I usually park off to the side near the garden department.  I pulled in near the chain link fence around the outdoor plants and sat there looking around as if there might be a better spot and what could I expect for night time noise like with big rigs parking near me leaving their engines running.  Ahead of me is this Mexican guy crouched down between his little Chevy car and the fencing doing something.  He's undoing some wire on the fence.  He sees me just sitting there thinking, stops what he's doing (he's done anyway) gets back in his car and waits.  He's looking over at the staff running the garden department and back at me.  Finally he gets frustrated and leaves.  I decide this is a good spot and stay.  I get out and walk over to the fence.  There is now a gaping hole.  

I walk over and talk to a Walmart guy who just happens to be the assistant manager.  We go over to the fence and I point out the hole.  He thanks me and gets Joesph to fix up the hole with some more wire.  

Some time later the little Chevy guy returns, sees the hole has been patched up and takes off.  I happen to see Joseph out there so I tell him the guy came back.  "He's persistent."  Joseph tells me they don't have a night time patrol anymore, something about not renewing the contract.  "I think you're going to need more wire."

8:30 in the evening while I am reading I hear this car park right next to us.  There is no one else in this whole lane.  "Really?"  The door to the RV is open to let the cool breeze blow.  So I look out the back window to see who is out there.  No one is in the car but the engine is running.  Finally a person runs around behind the RV, opens the back door of his car and stuffs a five foot tall tree in a pot into the back seat.  It's that Chevy and that guy again!  He is climbing up onto the chain link, reaching over grabbing a $29 edible fruit tree in a pot.  He does this four times, four trees, and then drives away.

I got the license plate number and go into the store asking for the manager.  I'm steered to Customer Service and run right into my Assistant Manager friend.  "He came back.  Reached over the fence and took four trees."  He was very happy of me telling him plus having the plate number.  "It'll show on our security video."  I told him how I could have stepped out and said something but he'd come back in the middle of the night with his buddies and slash my tires.  "No, you did the right thing. I wouldn't want you to get involved" he said.

Good grief!  Can't I just have a nice peaceful quiet life without being witness to so much crime?


  1. I think you did more than many people would. Most would have pretended not to see anything.

  2. You seem to have been having a strange time what with the missing person and the their, not somewhere I want to be staying. Loved the old homstegads you found though I did not realise cats wouldn't after a lizard, but then they catch frogs here.

  3. Well done John, you are a good citizen. I guess we will never know what happened to the missing woman.

  4. I'd be scared to say anything in case they came back in the night with revenge on their minds.
    I wonder if he was going to sell the trees or if he was going to plant them in his owm garden.


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