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Saturday, June 23, 2018

To Camp or Not to Camp, That is the Question

Blue Dog Lake
Waybay, South Dakota

Using the map to shield the hot sun from Beans in my lap while driving.
Do I love my cat or what?

We arrived at this free camp area maintained by the town of Waubay.  It is listed in about five online sites as a free wayside camp.  Notice the sign by the State Department of Game, Fish and Parks right by the boat ramp.  Well I am not camping.  I'm parking overnight.  I'm tired of fighting the wind all day.  No one ever came by.

Beans wasn't too pleased with this camp. 
Road noise and no mice or lizards to hunt, capture and torment.
And she was tired.  Me too.

The lake.  On the drive that day I saw pelicans on other lakes.  Pelicans in South Dakota?  At one point a duck was keeping pace with us flying along beside us at 55 mph.  This was with the wind.

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  1. Nice to know you still use a paper map, rather then one of those electronic technical gizmos. Or do you have one of those too? I have always liked maps.... so much information available.
    Beans is definitely a sweetie!


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