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Friday, June 29, 2018

UFO Attacks Patrol Car

Marshall County Museum
Warren, Minnesota

This is the reason I came to this museum.
At the end is a link to the story behind this incident.

This "UFO" hit or caused only the one light to shatter.

Then it bounced off the hood leaving this small dimple of a dent, about the size of a quarter.
This leads me to believe that whatever it was, it was small like a large marble.
Anything larger would cause much more damage to the front headlights, ripped the hood really good and obliterated that windshield.

It then does a number on the windshield.

Lastly it bends two whip antennas, one on the roof and one on the trunk lid (that photo didn't come out as the camera focused on the ceiling).  Now this is really the weird part for me.  The two antennas are not in line with the path of travel from headlight to windshield.  You can kind of see this in the second photo.  The antennas are inline directly behind the red roof light.  Plus these antennas are whip antennas meaning they flex.  How can it possibly make identical sharp bends on both antennas?

You can read complete story here.


  1. Very Interesting and Puzzling. Maybe a meteorite that fragmented upon hitting his car. Often times these look much bigger while zooming thru our atmosphere than they are after landing and cooling.

  2. I hadn't considered that. It seems no one else has either. That's the most plausible explanation. Very good Karen.

  3. Guess you don't listen much to Coast To Coast!


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