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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

World's Smallest Church

Along Highway 75

It was only by chance that I saw what probably is the World's Smallest Sign for a Church  
in the ditch along the highway.

Fortunately I was able to turn around (unlike in South Dakota) and drive two miles down a farm road to the small cemetery.  In the far corner I saw what may be a winner here.

On the online site where I find these oddities of the road there are several that claim to be the "world's smallest church or chapel".  For all of the churches and chapels I have found, this one is indeed the smallest.  Unfortunately this one is not listed on that site.   

Online it shows a church in Oneida, New York being the smallest.  The floor space of it is 51"x81".
I wished I had known and then could have measured this one.
I had to stand outside the doorway to take this photo.

Inside this was the best I could do being backed up in the corner against the candle holder.

And it just so happened to be a Sunday when we were there.
I must have missed the morning services.

In the other corner of the cemetery was a veteran's memorial.

This is the oldest marker I found.  Most of all the residents had Scandinavian names.

The cemetery was among theses sugar beet fields. 
Beans was enjoying walking up and down the rows and I didn't have my camera with me.

I got the camera and tried to get her to walk among the sugar beets again.  
She wasn't having anything of it.
Dad, I've been here, smelled everything, not interested in doing so again.


  1. A one person church, kind of private church for anyone.

  2. Always wondered what the inside of these might look like.


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