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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Abandoned KOA Campground

This is located right off Interstate 40 on old Route 66 between Winslow and Flagstaff, Arizona.

I found this site fascinating.

A lot of paint and effort is involved here.

Amazing that no one has burned it down.

Out here were the camp sites and the electrical hook-up poles still stand.

The campground and other features still exist at the site called Two Guns.
Two Guns has an interesting history and you can read about it here.

People like me will over night here but we had miles to go 
so I'll save that experience for the next time we pass through here.


  1. Would love to visit these places John...

  2. Always amazed at the abondoned houses there. I think there is so much land in the US they can leave it this way. Here we use every piece of land to built something new.

  3. Two Guns has a fascinating history. It's definitely the Wild West, exactly how I imagine it! I'm amazed at the abandoned KOA. I've camped in KOAs all across the USA. But none with mountain lions!

  4. Fascinating! Do KOA's usually have pools? Impressive artwork!

  5. I saw a fascinating documentary recently about an abandoned campsite. Someone painted it elaborately. It is called Jesusland and it's near the Salton Sea in California. Probably near you?

  6. It always amazes me how grafitti can be found in the most out of the way places. I thought for a minute that this was a KOA Kampground we had stayed at when we visited the Grand Canyon in, oh... 1976. But that was between Williams and the Canyon. Here is that place Sandi is talking about: http://www.joeography.co/lost-america-exploring-slab-city-and-east-jesus/


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