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Friday, October 5, 2018

Grand Canyon 3

Then one morning we left to see some of the views further on down the road.

He and his harem were at the laundromat. I needed to do laundry and thought I may as well do it here in this beautiful setting than some mini-mall in a city.

At popular Mather Point way off to the left I see this.
Nope, not for me to being doing.

The crowds were thick. People were lining up for their turn to have their picture taken standing on this rock. The line was thirty deep.  Really?

Scores of people had their selfie-sticks but this lady had the longest one.
Sometimes she'd stand for nearly a minute photographing herself.
I figured she was taking video.  With a series of those videos stitched together the final video just had to be one of the most riveting videos to be seen on YouTube.

I had to leave. 
Walking back to the Little House on the Highway here is just one line of RVs parked.
Half of them are rentals.  I counted.  The RV rental industry must be highly successful.
If you are curious, search online as to what the rates are to rent an RV.
It's staggering, and people pay it!


  1. Stunning scenery! I was there only once, and then just for the afternoon, and I'd love to go again.

  2. It all looks so spectacular! Except for all of the people!

  3. Fab.U.Lous. These photos are tremendous. Well done, John!


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