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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Grand Canyon 5

Beans enjoyed her time at the Grand Canyon

even though the lizard hunting was poor.  Too high for lizards at 7500'.

The full moon occurred while we were there and the evenings were nearly like daylight. I got up around midnight to try for a photo.  While standing outside I could hear this unearthly crying sound coming from the forest.  It was hauntingly beautiful much like the sound of whale song in the ocean.  I had an idea that it may be elk, did some research and discovered that elk calves would make this call in trying to keep in touch with their mothers.  


  1. I wonder if the noise could be the male elks calling for the females. It's rutting season right now. Gosh, that sky is amazing, hard to believe it was moonlight. Gorgeous.
    Beans is very like Pandy, my cat I had as a child, even the same division of colour down the middle of her face.

  2. Lovely photos. Beans looks so grand and powerful in that first one.


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