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Monday, October 29, 2018

Stinky Pete's

This junk shop has been in Quartzsite for years, "over twenty" so says the owner.
It sits on the main thoroughfare next to a market and if for not being in Quartzsite, 
any place else it would be an eyesore. 
We wandered in and got to talking with the owner who's name is not Pete.
I just assigned that name to him.   

He soon got off on a rant as to how the town officials and fire marshal were shutting him down "in six days" due to code violations among a long list of other infractions. 
He showed us the letter from the city.   

As he gradually worked himself up into a froth telling us how "they" didn't know the law and how he was going to file suit for millions of dollars, how he knew where the Lost Dutchman" lay hidden in the desert only a few feet under ground, how...I wandered off to take these photos.

The wind must have changed directions while I was away as Jo said the stench from him became unbearable.  "The smell was so repulsive I began to get nauseated."
She finally got away while Stinky was still carrying on
 "...and I don't think he even was aware I left." 

As I walked around all I could think of is how was he going to remove all of this junk?   I thought about a EVERYTHING MUST GO  sign but see he already had one out front...probably for those twenty years.

We plan to go back in a week and see how this issue develops.  All I could think of was bring in several large containers, a skip loader, scoop it all up and haul away to the local dump.
I suggested we situate ourselves across the boulevard as there could be gun fire.


  1. A lost Dutchman under the ground in the desert? Interesting, or is he resting under all this rubbish?

  2. Oh my goodness, what a place! I wonder where he got all that stuff. There's no way he's going to sell it all. Maybe you should have questioned him as to the location of the lost Dutchman's gold mine!

  3. Nothing worse then someone who smells. Be interesing to see ho wthey get rid of that lot


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