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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Grand Canyon

It had been I don't know how many years since I was here last 
but I thought I would be brave and go see it again.

No matter how many times you've seen the Canyon it never seems to fail in impressing you.
And pictures never express the true grandeur either.

Coming in from the east entrance as we did

there is the turnoff to the Watchtower.

I didn't go in or climb to the top which you can.
I've done it before and there were too many people.

Then people began to arrive by the busloads.
Time for this boy get out of there and go find our camp.


  1. I have beeb there early in the morning before the large influx of tourists arrived. It was very impressing, those colours and the vastness, so huge.

  2. I was there back in 2005 I think, what an amazing place... especially when you get away from the crowds of tourists. It was a clear day and I could see for miles and miles.

  3. I'd love to go there one day but the crowds you show are a bit scary!


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