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Friday, November 16, 2018

Dutch Oven Oven

This past week has cooled down to the 70's.  The mornings are chilly and I finally had to dig out and hook up my propane heater.  The cooler weather makes me think of baking in the Dutch Oven. Cornbread, biscuits, brownies... Since I plan to be at this spot for a few months I put in the effort to build a rock "oven" to shelter the cast iron pot from the wind, if any, thus allowing the charcoal heat to do its job more efficiently.  Sitting inside is that is the porcelain covered tray from an old stove I found in the desert last year.  It really makes a difference having the charcoal sit in it rather on the bare ground and losing heat to the earth.

The days (and evenings) have been clear of clouds lately.  
One of the last good sunsets.


  1. A relic for future archaeologists to puzzle over.

  2. You really know how to live! Wish I could taste some of that cornbread. Do you ever put jalapeno in it, to make it a bit spicy? I have a recipe that I make .... but not in a dutch oven surrounded by rocks.

  3. You will be the nay of the whole place!


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