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Monday, November 5, 2018

Errand Day

It was the first of the month and I thought about dumping and filling everything
 just to see how long I could go before needing something done.
Easier to keep track from the first.

First was to dump the waste tanks. I am very conservative on water usage so the grey water (washing and cleaning) wasn't even one quarter full since I last dumped at the Grand Canyon. I installed a composting toilet a couple years ago so there isn't any black water (sewage) to deal with anymore.
I could probably go several months before having to dump these tanks.
38 and 31 gallon capacity.

Next was to fill the water tank with fresh water.
This will last me well over a month.
I still had a quarter of a tank left over from the Grand Canyon.
34 gallon capacity.

Dump my trash.
Just a Walmart plastic bag every two or three days.
Even longer if I burn the paper products.

Then did a load of laundry.
$1.75 to wash, 50 cents to dry.

Next I filled my one gallon plastic jugs with clean filtered water.
I use this water for cooking, making coffee and tea.
I have eight containers which lasts close to two months.
I only needed to fill 6 jugs.
I buy Crystal Geyser Spring water in one gallon jugs at the store for my straight drinking water.
I've found it tastes the best. Under a dollar at Walmart.

I forgot to get a picture of the guy filling the propane tank.
Even though it is a 14 gallon tank they are only filled to 80% capacity so that comes to 11.2 gallons.
This time I only needed 8.1 gallons. Cost varies but here it was $2.20 a gallon. 
Usage varies as the propane is used for cooking and running the refrigerator. 
 In warmer climates the refrigerator will run more. Colder weather, less. 
The propane isn't used for heating. 
I have a separate 5 gallon tank to run a portable heater in the winter. 

This will be the one item that I will probably have to refill first.
I average a little over a month on a propane fill-up.


  1. Frugal seems to be the word I am thinking of here.

  2. Gosh those are very low operating costs. You are tempting me to sell up everything and live the life of the highway nomad. But I'm not brave enough.

  3. And I don't have a cat to travel with me.


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