A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Found at a vacant campsite out in the desert while hiking.
I wondered about the story behind it.


  1. Sad...Bob was in his 70's, Mary in her 50's, Puffy was only 9. Maybe two travelers and their pet? I wonder who left the marker.

  2. Husband, daughter and dog or cat? I had a cat called Puff.

  3. One of my good friends lives only 10 minutes away up in our local mountains and there is a grave site up there not far from her property. It has a picket fence around it and once in a while Barb goes and puts flowers on it. Apparently it is a young Mexican woman. I'll have to ask her for the story about her. Yes, probably a cat?

  4. I'll go with Sandi on the explanation

  5. Sigh..I'm a bit more cynical. After we're gone, the good china, great-grandma's stemware, all the family antiques will be on the fifty cent table at the estate sale. Those ashes we wanted interred back where we went to high school? Sorry--the kids thought you always wanted to visit Death Valley so here's your send-off. I'll go with RedPat since your photo has allowed us to remember them.


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