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Monday, November 19, 2018

Mine Exploring Disaster

One day I went on a hike to explore an abandoned mining operation.

There wasn't all that much interesting to see. 
I was hoping to find a date somewhere but didn't.

After this photo I climbed up on the ledge to the left. Beneath that square wood structure was a shallow hole into the solid rock wall. I stepped in to investigate and discovered a herd of bees. I backed out of there real quick. As I paused to get a picture of the hole so as to tell the story of the bees, one was very aggressive and stung my left hand. I never got the picture. 
Yeah, it hurt.

The pain went away after 15 minutes or so and for the rest of the day it was only sore to the touch. No swelling, discoloration, not even a bump.  All that changed 36 hours later. My hand was now swollen. The itch was maddening. If I rubbed or gently scratched, instant fire!  I tried everything to relieve the itch.  I'd much rather have that initial pain back.  It was just a matter of waiting out the next three days for the ordeal to be over. This experience really gave me some insight as to how people die from multiple bee stings.  I am grateful I only got one.  I remember having been stung by bees in the past,even a yellow jacket one time; this one beats all.  

It wasn't those Africanized Honey Bees (Killer Bees) as the stinger wasn't left behind in my hand and the entire swarm didn't come after me as Killer Bees do.  Honey bees are the only ones with a barbed stinger that is left behind when stung. The bee dies afterwards.  
Nope, this guy stung me and moved on. 


  1. Man you were lucky notto have the swarm after you, I've seen swarms of bees before and had one stop off in our garden but they never stung me.

  2. Not good to be stung in a remote place like that if you'd had more of a reaction to the sting. I've always been lucky in that bee and wasp stings have never caused me more than a sharp pain and lingering discomfort. Just as well too as I once contrived to sit on a bee while on a trip to the toilet!

    1. OUCH! That's a bummer, as they say here in North America.

  3. I was walking with the dog and accidently invaded a bee or wasp nest, I got stung on my hand a number of times and the dog got it on her nose.

  4. keep baking soda in the camper. Great for relieving bee stings.

  5. That was a bad bee, glad all went well.


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